Andrew Valciukas

Director | Sales | LREA


About Andrew

Andrew has been a resident of the Camden area for over three and a half decades. His professional journey commenced with the completion of a Commerce degree at Wollongong University in 1999, marking the inception of his distinguished Real Estate Career. Over the course of six years, Andrew honed his skills as an agent before making a pivotal transition into becoming the proprietor of two prominent local businesses. It is indisputable that few individuals possess a comparable depth of local knowledge or a more expansive personal network within the region than Andrew. During his tenure as the Licensee of the esteemed Camden Hotel, Andrew actively engaged in various community-driven initiatives. His contributions encompassed leadership roles in initiatives such as the Camden Liquor Accord, the orchestration of "Live & Local" events, and, notably, the Camden Jacaranda Festival. Presently, he holds the esteemed position of Chairman within the Argyle Street Business Collective, where his dedication to the coordination of community events within the Camden Local Government Area (LGA) remains unwavering. Andrew's extensive experience, coupled with his enduring presence in the local business landscape, underscores his ability to offer clients a distinctive perspective. Furthermore, his vast network of personal contacts, deeply rooted in the local fabric, provides clients with invaluable opportunities. Andrew takes immense pride in upholding the principles of integrity and trustworthiness. He places paramount importance on delivering an unparalleled service experience to his clients, reflecting his steadfast commitment to excellence.

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0418 684 830